NICCO is...

- a Japanese non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in Kyoto, in 1979;
- with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

History of NICCO

NICCO was founded as Kampuchean Refugee Relief Program (KRRP) in December 15, 1979. KRRP's first project was a fundraising campaign for Cambodian refugees. Students and housewives responded to the call and collected donations on the streets of Kyoto.

Members of KRRP, however, keenly sensed that giving money and goods would not ensure the refugees' life security for the future, so they began a "self-reliance support".

As Cambodians in refugee camps were not permitted to have jobs or return home, they needed some sources of income to support their livelihood. Therefore, KRRP provided a "Livestock/Fowl Bank" and a "Fabric Bank" to loan piglets, mulberry seedlings for silk worms and others.

Farmers could borrow and reimburse capital up to a loan limit. KRRP enabled refugees' self-reliance as a community and improved their income by implementing these ideas alongside a committee which was organized by community inhabitants.

In 1993, KRRP changed its name into Nippon International Cooperation for Community development (NICCO). The needs of people may change depending on the period, state, region and other factors. However, the fundamental goal of NICCO is to free people from poverty and conflict and to help people realize their potential for harmony with the global environment.

NICCO therefore runs projects based on humanitarianism without discriminating by race, religion or politics.

NICCO's Missions

Emergency assistance
We arrive on the scene as soon as possible and respond to the needs of people who are struggling to survive in the face of conflicts and disasters in Japan and overseas. We attend to their immediate needs and help them to develop the means to provide for themselves.

Rural development based on environmentally sustainable agriculture
We help victims of poverty and disasters to achieve financial independence by working with them to increase their income, with enviromental awareness and sustainable development in mind .

Human resource development
Nicco puts emphasis on empowering local people. Our goal is to give them the tools to continue projects and expand them after NICCO's active support ends. Domestically we also run capacity development programs for Japan's younger generation to help them prepare becoming leaders in the future.

Our Vision

NICCO aspires to create a world free of poverty and conflicts where people are able to realize their potential to the fullest while sustaining harmony with the global environment.

Our Policy

Based upon strict humanitarianism, NICCO always remains non-racial, non-religious and non-political.


International Staff : 23 (9 in Japan, 14 working overseas)
Local Staff: 60 in overseas
Intern and Volunteer staff: 20 interns, about 50 volunteers

Full Members: 149 individuals 8 corporations.
Supporting Members: 329 individuals and 9 corporations.
Donation: 935 contributors (fiscal year of 2014)

Supported by「Panasonic NPO Support Found for Africa」

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