Humanitarian Support (Palestine/Gaza)


Project background

There are about 1.8 million people living in a place equivalent to 60% the size of the Tokyo’s 23 wards.  The inhabitants in Gaza say that “the fighting of the summer 2014 was the longest among the past attacks so far.”  With regard to the problem of water, the situation is exacerbated by a lack of water caused by the excess draw of underground water, saltwater, and a pollution of underwater caused by a lack of sewage disposal facilities.   Due to this problem, there is a severe shortage not only for water used in “agriculture”, a main industry in Gaza, but also for drinking water for the  people. 


About the project

Since August 2014, NICCO had been engaged in supporting Gaza through the distribution of emergency aid materials and assistances of farmers. Since June 2016, NICCO has been engaged in the following activities.

1. Construction of Sewage Disposal Facility

Water treated by sewage disposal is sent to the neighboring farmers.  This prevents sea water and underground water from being polluted by sewage discharge.  In addition, irrigation pipes and seedlings are distributed to farmers and a comprehensive support if given through workshops. 

(May 30th, 2017 Postscript)  As a result of consultation in the field,  the construction of a sewage facility is cancelled.  Instead, NICCO is now  introducing solar panels to a reprocessing facility engaged by JICA and the Embassy of Japan.

Although the construction by NICCO has been cancelled, the Project objective to provide safe water to the people of Gaza remains the same.  Thank you for your continuous support. 

2. Installation of Desalting Facility in School

In order to prevent domestic water from being salted daily, NICCO installs desalting facilities to provide safe potable water.  In addition, we support executions of activities, concerning safe potable water, for teachers and children.