NICCO’s Ecological Sanitation Toilet (Eco-San Toilet) projects won the government’s first toilet awards on 4th September 2015, for promoting clean, safe and comfortable public toilets, leading to uplift the lives of women through improving sanitation facilities.

"Although there are diverse policies relating to food, we have few opportunities to discuss the issue of defecation, which is one of the most fundamental actions in our life," Mrs. Haruko Arimura, then minister in charge of women's empowerment, said during an award ceremony in Tokyo.

Recipients of the Toilet Awards Japan were selected from 378 applicants by six ministries. NICCO was given the “women’s empowerment minister award” for its Eco-San Toilet projects in Malawi, Kenya. “Improving women’s toilets will lead to a society that is comfortable for all, including men, the disabled and tourists,” said Mrs. Arimura, who was leading the government’s toilet beautification initiative.

Mrs. Satoyo Ono, NICCO’s president, attended the ceremony and received the testimonial from Mrs. Arimura. After the ceremony, Mrs. Ono also participated in the symposium as a panel member and introduced NICCO’s Eco-San Toilet projects.

*About Eco-San Toilet:

Ecological Sanitation Toilet, so-called 'Eco-San Toilet' is a toilet that is capable of collecting urine and feces separately. It enables users to use urine as liquid fertilizer by diluting it with water soon after collection. And the feces can be used as manure after it has been dried and sanitized using ash as an alkaline additive in a tank for approximately six months. Eco-San Toilets prevent feces from overflowing out of the tank when it rains, improve hygiene, and produce environmentally friendly organic fertilizer for agriculture. NICCO introduced Eco-San Toilet in Malawi in 2007, and the number of Eco-San Toilets constructed by NICCO totaled over 1,000 by 2014. NICCO is now conducting Eco-San Toilet projects in Kenya and Myanmar.

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