ヨルダン事務所発!現地スタッフインタビュー Local staff interview from NICCO Jordan office


Hello, I’m Chiaki Kojima from NICCO Jordan office.


I’m engaged in “Basic Needs and Winterization Support for Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Jordanians through the cash assistance”.


 This time, I interviewed our local staff “Muntser” about his work life.




His name “Muntser” means “Victory”. When he signs a document, he usually writes a Japanese character “勝“ as his signature because NICCO staff told him that ‘Victory’ is written as “勝” in Japanese. (Chiaki=私・Muntser=勝)












私:When did you start to work with NICCO and why?
勝:I worked as a volunteer since 2016 then became a staff. I was born and raised in Zarqa. Here is one of the poverty region. I couldn’t remain unconcerned about these problems and wanted to contribute my career to humanitarian project.


私:I see. Even though NICCO is not a big organization, do you face any challenge at work?
勝:Nothing. But, I believe our project is going to get busy from this year so we will need more staff. I think it’s better to recruit someone who has a great passion with a good certificate and flexibility.
When I contact other organizations, they sometimes ask me to transfer the phone to someone in charge of accounting, administration or field coordination, etc. But since NICCO is not a big organization like UN agencies we do not have so many positions and staff in the first place, and I sometimes have to deal with everything by myself. So they always say to me ” What!? You are Muntser, are you kidding me!!!?”. They wouldn’t believe that I am actually dealing with everything like accounting, administration and field coordination at the same time by myself. I still have many things to learn.


私:That sounds tough. (can’t stop from laughing)
勝:It’s not funny!! Chiaki!
But I think these intense jobs lead to my personal growth and it’s a good opportunity for me to get a wide perspective.


私:That’s great. How do you keep your motivation up?
勝:I know how much beneficiaries appreciate our project and it always motivates me to stand up. I’ve got countless thanks from them.


私:I think it’s important to see it with your own eyes and learn something from it.
That’s all of my questions. Any massage!?
勝:NICCO takes care of not only beneficiaries but also staff. All staff I’ve ever met here are very nice. It is one of the reasons I still work at NICCO. I would like to work as a NICCO staff as long as I can. I really appreciate everything.
私:Thank you for wonderful interviewing.


Today, we celebrated his birthday! I made a Japanese style lunch box with all my feelings of gratitude.
Happy Birthday our amazing Muntser!




I’ve got to know through the interview with Muntser about how much enthusiasm he has for the work and why he’s loved by everyone. He always stays cheerful and I am impressed by his sincerity of his attitude towards his work. Throughout the interview I learned those very important things that should be always remembered when I work. I’m really honored to work with him.













I see a lot of smiles and touching kindness everyday life in Jordan. I usually buy my lunch at Shawarma shop which is staffed by Syrian refugees. They’re always welcoming and kind despite the hard they’ve been dealt. Sometimes those smiles and kindness make me feel as if there were not many people suffering from poverty and mental trauma. So far , there are about 650,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan. Moreover, these problems also affect the Jordanians who’s been living under economic pressure. I want to understand the difficulties that affect both Syrians and the Jordanians as much as I can during my stay in Jordan. I’ll work as hard as I can to listen and work with the people around me. I’ll keep myself motivated and work hard to see their relieved smiles.